For many of us, our home is the largest, most important investment we will make. Water problems can threaten that investment by causing serious structural damage that reduces a home's value and threatens the health of your family.

Whether you have a crawl space, basement or slab on grade, water problems are the top items that threaten the structural integrity of your home. Hydrostatic pressure build-up behind basement walls can cause bowing and potential flooding. Water can cause expansive soils to expand and lift your home which will lead to cracking in exterior and interior walls along with cracking your foundation. These are just some of the structural problems that can result from excessive amounts of water being in, around or under your home.

Additionally, water problems can threaten the health of your family. Excessive moisture under or beside your foundation can lead to mold growth which leads to poor indoor air quality and bad smells throughout your home. For the child, elderly parent or other family member who suffers from respiratory ailments, indoor air quality dramatically affects their life.

If your home is in the need of waterproofing or water management, then Structured Solutions, Inc can help. Please contact us, and one of our representatives will happily meet you and provide a free estimate. See the graphic below for common sources of water infiltration into your home